Everyone has known at least one collector at some point in their life. In fact, you’d be surprised to learn just who shares this hobby – a list which includes several Popes and United States presidents.

Some people collect baseball cards, some collect stamps, and some even collect Pokemon cards. Some of the most passionate collectors, however, are the coin collectors.

If you have a coin collector in your life, they probably have some meticulous standards regarding their collection. You may think this makes them difficult to holiday shop for, but it actually narrows down your search.

To a non-collector, most coin enthusiasts probably look the same. The collection world, however, is a bit more nuanced than that.

Not only are there different types of collectors, but each collector has their own motivation and these for their collection. Are they a generalist or a specialist? Are they competitive? Do they collect by year, variety, type, or some other standard?

There are just a few things you need to know before you start scouring the Internet for the perfect coin gift. Check out these 15 tips before you go shopping, to show the coin collector in your life just how much you love them.

1. Magnify Your Coin Gift

As you are probably aware, coins are usually quite small. Somehow, the Mint is able to pack these small pieces of metal with tons of detail. Without a good magnifying instrument, it’s difficult for a collector to properly inspect in goods.

Any collector would be thrilled to receive a high-quality coin loupe magnifier as a coin gift. Make sure to research which brand offers the best loupe quality, and stick with 7x magnification.

2. One for the Reading List

Chances are that the collector you’re shopping for already has more than a few coin books lying around. Don’t let that deter you from getting them another!

Coin books are always being updated. Check out what your recipient already has and use that intel to find something they’re missing.

While some books can cost up to $200, you can also find some for less than $20. The choice is yours!

3. A Digital World

Nowadays, everyone is downsizing their possessions by going digital. The same can be done with your coin gift.

If the collector you’re shopping for has an immense collection, a coin computer program could be a great help. These lovely pieces of technology can help record all the coins in the collection, as well as track their ever-changing values.

4. Razzle and Dazzle ‘Em!

If the collector in your life could really use a day out of his coin dungeon, look into some local coin shows. Fortunately for you, the tickets are rarely expensive.

Even if there are no shows in your area, you could make a road trip out of traveling to one, which makes for an even better coin gift!

5. Commemorate with a Coin

Does your collector have any other interests? If they do, there’s probably a commemorative coin out there for them.

There’s an especially large market for special military coin sets, like coast guard challenge coins that celebrate American history.

While the commemorative coin you buy may not be the rarest, it will demonstrate a tender thoughtfulness. You’ll combine two of the things your collector most loves in this world.

6. A Digital Caliper

There are tons of coin-related tools that you’ve probably never heard of. A caliper is one.

Coin collectors use this instrument is used to measure their coins, and a digital one will bring your collector into the 21st century. It makes measuring easy, fast, and accurate.

7. An Awesome Coin Album

Serious collectors want to see both sides of the coin. A coin album is more pricey than a coin folder, but it does exactly this. They also protect the coins a bit more. You can also decorate it if you want to make it more personal!

8. Make a Cute Kit

DIY gifts are often the most heartwarming because they display the kind of care and consideration that simply buying something does not.

Putting together an essential coin collecting kit would make the perfect coin gift. Make sure to include gloves, a light, a stapler, and a soft cloth.

9. The Best Bullion

While not every collector is a bullion fan, they still make for an excellent coin gift.

These round pieces of metal are a common investment, one which your friend can keep or use to buy more coins. They are only minted in gold and silver – who wouldn’t want a coin gift made from precious metal?

10. Make Them An ANA Member

Ever heard of the American Numismatic Association? Probably not, but the numismatist in your life certainly has. If you haven’t guessed it, numismatics is the collection of currency.

This organization has been around since 1891, meaning it’s nothing to scoff at. Despite their long record, membership will only cost between $28 and $46. Coin gifts don’t have to break the bank!

11. Coin Holders

Every passionate collector could always use a few more coin holder. After all, they will continue to expand their collection and will always need new places to store new coins!

12. A Coin Gift Subscription

Perhaps your numismatic friend already has too many coin books. How about a coin magazine subscription? These pieces of literature can help them stay up to date on any and all coin-related topics as they occur.

13. A Special Year

Whether it’s a birthday, wedding anniversary, or child’s birth year, everyone has a significant event they want to remember. A great way to do this is to buy a United States Mint coin set from that year. This is a great gift for non-collectors too!

14. A Mint Subscription

The United States Mint is an institution every coin collector admires, why not get yours a special subscription.

You can enroll your collector to receive new coins as soon as they are minted, which even sounds cool for a non-collector. There are different programs, so read up before you decide which will make the best coin gift.

15. A Coin Gift Card

This is the last resort for any holiday shopper.

Although some people find giving gift cards quite tacky, some receivers actually love it. This way, they can buy the coin gift that’s right for them!

A Coin Gift for Any Collector

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