If you’re one of the millions of people who are afraid of the dentist, it’s time to make a switch.

People who have dental anxiety are less inclined to book regular yearly appointments, which can lead to more problems down the road.

From tooth decay to fillings, you need to look into what dentist ranks high on the list for the best treatment options to fit your needs.

Are you curious to see if you can find a dentist you can trust with your mouth?

Read on to learn our top 6 tips for finding the best Knoxville dentists.

1. Find A Dentist For Your Kids

Pediatric dentistry is an area of dentistry that requires special attention. You can’t send your 2-year-old to the same dentist as you because they need to have certain pediatric coursework.

Look at the credentials for the pediatric dentist that you hope to send your children to. He or she must have proof stating that he or she is licensed to work in the state you live in.

Another tip to find the perfect dentist for your children is to check into what types of numbing products are used.

The options that are considered for pediatric dentistry include:

  • Local anesthesia
  • IV sedation
  • Sedation through medication
  • Sedation with nitrous oxide.

This dentist that treats your beloved children need to be extremely cooperative. The dentist you choose must also have a knack for understanding how to work with them on a friendly level.

2. Read Customer Reviews on Knoxville Dentists

People are always open to sharing their opinions and personal reviews online.

The Internet is now such a useful tool to find honest reviews. From shoes to flower companies, people are willing to tell you everything about their experiences.

Dentists are people in the medical field that you must research before booking appointments for. Talk to other customers and see how they enjoyed reviews on this dentist from DentaCare of Knoxville. Scott Walters, D.D.S and Mark Wegzyn, D.D.S are two certified dentists who perform general and cosmetic dentistry comprehensive care at DentaCare of Knoxville.

See how many positive reviews were left for the Knoxville dentists like Scott and Mark as a frame of reference. You should consider seeing a dentist that has high remarks during difficult situations, such as uncomfortable tooth extractions.

Another way you can learn more about any dentist is to read up on their Healthgrades online. You can look at what types of insurance they accept, how many stars they were given, and their general biography.

3. Check Out Their Website to Say “This Dentist is The One!”

A dentist should have an informative website. Make time to investigate what services your potential dentist is able to provide.

Details on their educational background should also be present on their website. Ensure that your future dentist has credentials from an accredited university.

Read the blog posts that may also exist on a dentist’s website. This might be helpful to learn more about your dentist’s personal experiences or help calm your nerves before your first visit with anxiety tips.

A care philosophy is also usually posted somewhere on a dentist’s website. This is their mission statement that reflects how he or she practices medicine and why.

4. Refer to Your Network

You should pick a dentist not only according to how many good reviews he or she has earned online but also according to if the person you like is found in your insurance network.

Confirm your network plan type with the dental practice you like as soon as possible to continue regular checkups together.

If you currently have Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance, for example, you need to know if the dental practice will accept this form of insurance coverage.

Lower out-of-pocket costs are important to have. When it comes to spending as little as possible on frequent dentist visits, pick the right doctor in your network.

5. What Are You Looking For?

Think about the basic dental practice criteria that mean the most to you in regards to a new dentist.

Is location important to consider?

Do you need to have dental work done that is close to your zip code region for network reasons?

Do you need a handicap-accessible office?

What about hours of operation?

These are all things to think about before booking an appointment with a new dentist in the Knoxville area.

Call around the area to investigate what Knoxville dentists will fit your specific criteria to have many happy visits throughout the year.

6. Schedule a Few Appointments

There is no better way to test out this dentist than by booking a few appointments.

New cars need a test drive, and so do doctors!

Plan some time to get to know your dentist prior to scheduling anything further than a standard cleaning.

Your dentist should also be available to answer any questions you may have before he performs any more exams on your mouth.

Will the pain be tolerable throughout the procedure? Will you need a lot of novocaine to treat your root canal? The more details the better.

Your dentist ought to have no issues explaining to you the process of treating your dental services will ease.

For your kids, finding a dentist is another search that requires time to meet with dentists in the area.

If you have kids who are in need of a new pediatric dentist, you can also book them separate appointments to meet with their potential dentist before their actual cleaning.

The local pediatric dentist you like will have time to introduce your child to the office in a fun manner to make them feel less nervous about the experience.

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