Aging is an inevitable part of life. The longer that one lives on this planet, the more his or her body is going to break down.

For some, the body breaks down to the point that he or she will need assistance in completing everyday tasks. While a friend or relative could try to help this person, most just quite simply don’t have the time or freedom to do so.

In this case, an assisted living apartment is needed.

But how do you find a safe and caring facility? Here are four tips for choosing assisted living apartments.

1. Keep an Eye Out for Cleanliness

When perusing assisted living facilities, something that you’ll definitely want to look for is the overall cleanliness of the facility. A clean facility is not just a mark of good hygiene. It also indicates that the facility is run with proper responsibility and care.

In contrast, a dirty facility indicates a staff that is complacent and uncaring. If the staff can’t keep up with the cleanliness of the facility, it likely won’t keep up with the needs of your loved one.

It’s also wise to inquire about laundry practices. You want to ensure that the clothing of your loved one is being regularly maintained.

2. Ask Questions to Current Residents

Perhaps the best way to understand the quality of an assisted living apartment is by asking questions to current residents at the apartment. After all, nobody knows the apartment and staff quite like someone who actually lives there and deals with it on an everyday basis.

If you can’t ask anybody in person, be sure to find online reviews regarding the facility.

3. Inquire About How the Facility is Run

It’s of utmost importance that, when touring a prospective facility, you ask the staff many questions. These questions should include everything from how the staff is managed, to who will be looking after your loved one, to what exactly is allowed at the facility.

Perhaps you’re not sure of what to expect from an assisted living facility? You can certainly find a good introduction to life care online. It’s important to know what you’re getting into before taking a tour.

4. Participate in a Group Activity

When putting your loved one in an assisted care facility, it’s important to remember that fun and enjoyment are necessary. Your loved one will be spending all of his or her time there, so you want to make sure that it’s an enjoyable place to be.

Most of these facilities have events and games scheduled for their residents. To get a taste of these events, you and your loved one should participate in one at the facility.

While participating, keep an eye on the overall turnout. Make sure that plenty of residents show up and that they’re reasonably friendly.

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