The secret is out: birds make great pets.

Whether you can’t wait to have someone greet you with a cheerful chirp or if you’re looking for a bird that might be the next rock star, birds make every day better.

However, you may feel a bit uncomfortable about buying one from a pet store. Lots of people prefer to buy their next feathered friend from trusted bird breeders.

But where can you find them?

Read on to learn where to look.

Check Out The Classifieds Section

The best place to look for birds that come from reliable breeders?

The online classifieds.

This digital update on the tried-and-true section of the newspaper lets you search for local bird breeders in your area. Look for ads that include links to their website, pictures of the birds they have available, and contact information.

Once you’ve found a breeder you’re interested in, always ask for references. Be sure you also find out:

  • The bird’s health history
  • How it was raised
  • The general practices of a breeder
  • More specific care information

Many will also ask to see the aviary where the bird was raised. However, if a breeder doesn’t let you in, this isn’t always a red flag. Many bird breeders want to keep the aviary contained, to prevent the spread of disease and eliminate the chance for infection. A closed aviary is the mark of a good breeder!

Examine Their Websites

Reputable breeders will likely also have a strong web presence — especially a great website.

On it, they should list the types of birds they offer, their personal history and experience, and potentially even include videos.

Xtreem Parrotlets sets a good example of what to look for in a website. It’s easy to navigate, includes a “meet the breeder” video on the homepage, and is filled with colorful photographs of the available birds. It even has an entire section dedicated to bird care and nutrition.

If a breeder’s website is broken or hasn’t been updated in a while, it’s time to move on.

When you meet with a reputable breeder, and if you’re allowed to see the area where they’re kept, know what to look for.

The cages should be clean, the food should be fresh, and the birds should look healthy and happy. If the environment is less than desirable, you may want to consider reporting the breeder to the appropriate services.

You should certainly avoid buying from them if you have any doubts about the welfare of their animals.

Ready To Connect With The Top Bird Breeders?

Now that you know how to find the most reliable bird breeders, you need to know where to start looking!

Our classifieds are the perfect place, and our blog offers invaluable information about how to sniff out reliable, professional postings.

Of course, you may be a breeder looking for a place to advertise your birds! Learn more about how easy it is to place an ad on our site.

Ensure every bird finds a loving home.