Obesity rates have tripled since the 1970s. That’s just one reason why it’s so important to get your kid involved with activities. But the benefits extend far beyond physical fitness.

Children learn about teamwork by engaging in after-school activities. They learn to compete in a safe atmosphere. They learn how to have fun, even if they don’t always win.

Engaging in activities also teaches social skills to kids. But only if they’re engaged in the right activities. With so many options, it’s important to find the right fit. Here’s a guide to help you choose the best extracurricular activities for your kids.

Music Class

Getting your kids involved in music can start at nearly any age. As long as they can hold up an instrument, they can learn to play. Don’t forget, Mozart was already performing for kings by age four.

But these extracurricular activities have a lot of great benefits besides making beautiful music. It’s a great way to meet and make new friends.

Music helps improve a kids math, social, and patience skills as well. It helps them develop discipline. They’ll also learn about other cultures.

Cooking Class

Knowing how to cook is a skill every person should learn in their lifetime. And some cooking schools will allow children as young as two to join in on the fun.

For parents looking to teach their kids how to eat healthily, cooking courses are a perfect choice. Your kids will learn proper nutrition, learn fractions, and how to follow directions.

Best of all, as far as extracurricular activities go, this one benefits the whole family. It’s also a class that the whole family can participate in. Even if you don’t join your kids in class, you can all cook together as a family. It will help your kids learn how to contribute to your household.

You’ll also enjoy great tasting, healthy meals that you don’t always have to cook yourself. This is a great idea if anyone in your family needs to follow a specific meal plan like the keto diet.

Dance Class

Dancing is a wonderful skill to acquire. It teaches discipline and coordination.

Dancing is a wonderful and fun way to workout. There are also a wide variety of dance classes available so it’s a good bet you’ll be able to find something that your kid will enjoy.

A good idea if you’re not sure where to begin is to find a place like the Golden Dance & Cheer Academy. They offer a wide variety of dance classes from tap to tango.

Your children can then try a few of them and see which dance class fits their personality best. This is another activity that both parents and kids can benefit from. This type of activity can be done in the privacy of your own home as you dance around to music and enjoy each other’s company.

Educational Class

Not every child is coordinated. That’s okay. Educational courses may be a better fit for them.

But educational classes are great extracurricular activities for kids who are excelling in school. They may be bored waiting for the other kids to catch up. They’ll benefit from the extra work as it will keep their minds stimulated.

If your child is currently having difficulties with courses in school, then taking an educational course is also a great choice. They’ll benefit from the extra time to study.

Kaplan Kids is a great online tutoring class. For kids who are good with computers, their courses can be done anywhere you have internet access.

Creative Activities

Computer games aren’t known for helping kids with their creativity. And there are a lot of creative courses to choose from.

Everything from arts and crafts to pottery class, from drama to chess club, are all great extracurricular activities your kid will love. These classes will teach them to use their imagination.

Creative courses also teach problem-solving and help kids develop their own sense of independence. Best of all, your kids will learn how to express themselves through their chosen art.

Martial Arts

Martial arts are great because they engage the mind as well as the body. Your child will learn discipline and how to train their mind while strengthening their body.

Martial arts also teach children how to respect one another. And they’ll learn how to protect themselves while boosting their confidence.

No, this isn’t about teaching your kid how to beat up others, but rather how to calmly negotiate their way out of a conflict while equipt with the ability to protect themselves if they need to.


When it comes to sports as one of the extracurricular activities, there are tons of choices. However, there are a lot of things to consider if you choose to have your child engage in sports.


Many of these sports involve a fair amount of travel. If your child gets involved in a league, they could travel around the state or even the country.

If your child is expressing an interest in sports, get to know other parents who also have kids involved in the sport. You can then devise a driving schedule.

Potential for Injury

When your child plays a sport, you have to realize that there is the potential for injury. Some sports are more prone to injury than others.

If that’s a concern, you may wish to stay away from physical contact sports like boxing, football, and hockey. Instead, you could introduce your child to non-contact sports like swimming, golf, and tennis.


Do your homework before you get your child involved in a sport. Some of them can get pretty expensive. For instance, find out what type of equipment is needed for your child to play.

While golf is a fun, low-maintenance sport, it’s an expensive sport. So is skiing. Games like soccer and basketball are much cheaper.

Learn How to Save and Earn Extra Money for Extracurricular Activities

Check your local library, rec center, or school to see if there are any free activities for your kids to join. However, if money is a concern, we can help.

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