You have to move, but you can’t move because you don’t have enough money.

So you’re stuck living in a house you’re trying to sell while you wait weeks for an offer.

Fortunately, you there are other ways to get cash for homes. Take a look at this quick guide that’ll help you get cash, move out, and buy a new home all at once.

The Weight of a Mortgage

If you can’t pay for the entire cost of a house when you buy it, you end up with a mortgage. Essentially, this is just the debt for your house that you now have to pay off by making small payments every month or so.

The problem is most mortgages take at least 10 years to pay off, some even take three times as long.

Stop and think about that for a moment.

Depending on when you buy your house, you could be paying off your mortgage for the rest of your life. But even if you don’t die before you pay it all, you’ll spend a significant chunk of your life with it sitting on your shoulders.

You might be thinking, “There’s got to be a better way to buy a house than that.” And fortunately, there is. You have a couple of options.

Option 1: Save, Save, Save

If you want to buy a house for cash and end up without a mortgage, you have to have all that money saved up somewhere. And that could end up being tens of thousands of dollars.

So how do you get there?

Saving and sacrifice.

It’s not necessarily hard to save up that much money, but it does take a lot of patience. Here are a few tips on saving money for your next house.

Make a Plan

Always start with a plan. It makes it a lot easier to see your end goal.

The first part of the plan should be finding the kind of house you want (learn more on that topic). The second part is deciding how much money you can save every month.

So let’s say you want a house that’ll cost you $36,000, and you decide to save $1,000 every month. With that in mind, you know you’ll be able to buy your house in three years with cash.

How Much Can You Save?

Obviously, the more you save every month, the faster you’ll be able to buy your next home. So take a moment to ask yourself how much you can really save.

By cutting out various expenses, you can probably save more than you think. Maybe you don’t need to spend $100 on food every week. Maybe you switch date night from a fancy restaurant to a walk in the park.

Or maybe you get a second job and decide to save all the money you make from that job specifically for the house.

There are a number of ways you can save up faster.

But That Means…

No matter how you look at it, saving that much money for a house will take a lot of time and a lot of energy. You’re living conditions will be tight and uncomfortable for a while, but it’s all worth it so long as you get the house in the end.

Which is true, but there’s actually an even easier way to get cash for homes.

Option 2: Sell Your House for Fast Cash

The quickest and easiest way to get cash for homes is to sell your house for fast cash. You get the money you need to buy your next home, and you can sell your current house without a lot of complications or headaches.

Take a look at a few of these advantages of selling your house for cash.

The Deal’s Less Likely to Fall Through

If someone wants to buy your house without cash, they have to qualify for a loan. If they don’t, they can’t buy the house. This often leads to people making offers on your house then backing out last minute because they suddenly can’t pay for it.

Cash offers eliminate all that guesswork. Once someone pays with cash, there’s no way for them to back out. Which means you don’t have to keep your fingers crossed every time someone makes an offer.

It Happens Fast

As soon as you accept the cash offer, you can get your money in a matter of days. The entire sale can close in as little as a week. Normal sales can take as long as two months to close.

Most people who need to move can’t afford to sit around waiting for that long. They need to get out of their house and into a new one as fast as possible.

Most cash offers also buy the house as is, so you won’t have to spend extra time and money making repairs and updates to your house on the way out.

You Can Buy a New House Right Away

Using the money you get from selling your house, you can turn around and make a cash offer on a new home right away.

You get a new house where you need to be without having to worry about a mortgage and without waiting years and years to save enough money. For many people, saving enough money on their own isn’t always an option.

How Do I Sell My House for Cash?

The process is fairly simple, maybe even simpler than going through the normal process of selling a house.

There are a lot of companies out there who specialize in buying houses with cash. All you have to do is get in touch with one of them.

Now, it’s important to remember you may not get as much money for your house in cash as you would selling it the traditional way, but you’ll still get most of it.

A few thousand dollars knocked off the selling price is worth it for a painless selling process and a quick move.

Getting Cash for Homes

If you need to move but are stuck in your current house because the money is tight, the best thing to do is solve both problems at once by selling your house for fast cash.

You’ll get the cash for homes you need, buy a new house, and move out of your current house quickly. There’s nothing worse than waiting around for months in a house your trying to sell.

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