Even in the digital age, shipping is vital. Whether you’re sending a gift to a loved one or a contract to a client, many people still utilize shipping and packaging companies. Shipping is convenient but can also become expensive.

You want your shipment to be in safe packaging and to arrive on time. But you also want to save money on shipping. For high-priority items with deadlines, expensive shipping and packaging may seem like your only option.

Don’t fret over shipping large and expensive packages. Fortunately, there’s a way to save on packaging and shipping supplies. Continue reading and find out how to save.

Ship Bulk Items in Corrugated Boxes

If you own a business and ship items to customers, stick with durable and inexpensive shipping supplies. Corrugated boxes are the perfect example.

These boxes are generally larger, perfect for shipping huge items. And if a customer has a huge order, you can use a variety of these boxes. The starting price is 9 cents a box, which is extremely affordable.

Corrugated boxes are also double-walled. This offers more protection and cushion — perfect if your bulk items are also valuables. For more protection, use an inexpensive material such as foam. See solutions here.

But shipping bulk items is always expensive. Your best bet is to inquire with multiple shipping companies and find out who has the best deal.

Use Envelopes as Much as Possible

The cheapest shipping and packaging option is envelopes. Because of its great price, this is a common shipping method.

These are perfect for items that require little protection, such as t-shirts. Other small products and gifts first perfectly in these small envelopes.

Tyvek envelopes usually cost 3 cents per envelope. More expensive ones cost close to $2. Since you’re shipping small products, you’re saving on shipping.

Try and Use Bubble Mailers for Valuables

If you sell valuable products such as CDs or DVDs, use bubble mailers.

These look similar to Tyvek envelopes but have a layer of bubble wrap on the inside. This extra layer provides more protection. And at 11 cents an envelope, this is a cheap packaging option.

Since these items are also small, you’ll save on shipping. To prevent from shipping multiple packages, opt for a bigger mailer and fit more products in a single mailer.

Save on Packaging with Multi-Depth Boxes

Do you ship products of all shapes and sizes? Invest in multi-depth boxes. These are also perfect if you ship products in multiple different quantities.

These boxes come large, supporting items of at least a pound. If you need to ship a smaller item, you can easily cut these boxes down.

While you’re still paying more for shipping larger items, you can save on shipping smaller items and items in bulk.

Time to Save on Packaging and Shipping Supplies

Do you make a lot of shipments? You shouldn’t have to spend a lot to ensure your shipped goods will be safe and arrive on time. Use these tips to help you save money.

Packaging and shipping options can be expensive, but you need to know the secrets of the trade to receive the most savings.

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