Getting your product or service noticed by everyone should be simple enough. But how do you generate interest when you’re sharing the floor with several other companies?

This is a real issue that occurs when you’re taking part in a trade show booth.

Because there are other businesses you’re competing with, it’s not always easy to attract the attention of potential customers and investors. Sometimes, you’re in competition with folks offering the exact same product or service.

Learn more about the best ways to get the most out of a trade show, and what you can do to ensure your next visit is a success.

Plan Before You Get There

Planning is important in any part of life, but especially in areas where you’re looking to make a splash and get the most out of your trade show booth. Even if you can’t control the exact outcome, planning means you’re doing everything you can to make the most out of your situation.

Planning helps in many different areas. Before getting ready for your next trade show, consider thinking through certain things that leave your audience with a lasting impact such as:

  • What type of swag to give away (pens vs. cups)
  • What hashtag you’ll use to promote your event or product
  • What message folks walk away with after visiting your booth

Taking the time to carefully craft your message and how you’re remembered goes a long way when trying to stick in the minds of others.

Make Your Swag Memorable

Swag is one of the most important parts of a tradeshow. Anyone can hand out pens or keychains with their name on it, but will that leave folks with the lasting impression you’re looking for?

There are different ways to give a potential audience something to remember you by, while still amazing them with what you have to offer. If you provide unique swag that’s different from the competition, your company won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

Ideas for new types of swag includes:

  • A larger than normal swag bag
  • T-shirts
  • An experience of some kind (nearby attraction tickets, or something from your company such as VIP treatment)

When planning for swag, think outside the box and look for something fun and intriguing.

Check Out the Competition

It never hurts to see what the competition does. Consider going to other trade booth events that your company isn’t taking part in, and see what others do.

You might get new ideas, even from folks who aren’t in the same industry as you. Checking out other trade shows allows you to see what is overdone, so you can change what is offered at your next event.

Trade show booths differ depending on the where they take place and the time of year. Take these factors into account, and make notes when you visit one.

Make Sure Your Swag Bags Are the Biggest

This sounds about as intimidating as finding the right type of chiropractor, but it’s easier than you imagine.

Many folks complain that swag bags don’t hold enough for everything they pick up at a trade show. Some people attend to willingly take all the swag they find, where others walk away with unexpected items they never thought they’d get.

When you have the biggest bag at the show, everyone else’s smaller bags get put into yours. If having your logo out for everyone to see is your ultimate goal, invest the biggest bag you can find for the most return at your next trade show.

Create Temptation With a Long Line

This sounds counterproductive to most folks. Who wants to stand in a long line for something they aren’t sure about?

If folks think you have something worthwhile to offer, such as a free t-shirt or tickets to an event, they’re likely to come to your trade show booth and create a buzz.

Give them something to talk about. Offering to have friends create a viral buzz within the crowd for a short amount of time help when getting the line started and generating excitement.

Use Video to Promote Your Brand

While most people won’t pay attention to a long-winded pamphlet or listen to someone speak, a video with plenty of excitement is a different story. Catching viewer’s eye with a short video makes sense because:

  • It’s informative
  • Interesting
  • Allows them to gain more information without engaging someone unless interested

Using video at your booth helps get the word out and generates interest. Expect to get a few folks you wouldn’t have otherwise met.

Push Out Emails Before Your Trade Show Booth

Emailing and contacting possible interested parties and customers right before a trade show is a great way to generate visitors and interest. For those that have questions or wouldn’t mind meeting you face to face, now’s the time to do so.

You’ll give interested parties the chance to meet with you. Even if you don’t walk away with new customers, you’ll have prospects that are interested in your services.

Don’t Underestimate Creative Stunts

Creative stunts catch and generate interest as much as viral videos on the internet. Some folks use animals, clowns, or something unexpected to get attention.

If all of those sound too over the top, check this site. Here you’ll find colorful tent shades that draw attention and bring people flocking over to you.

Be Fun and a Party Animal at Your Booth

Partying it up is never more appropriate than at your own booth. Attract viewers with:

  • Food
  • Music
  • Performers

Folks can’t resist entertainment or something out of the usual, regardless of where they are. At the very least you’ll develop a reputation as the life of the trade show, regardless of what you’re selling.

Humor Means Everything

Humor is something most people can’t get enough of. Being at a trade show, good taste is a must.

Use something is found as humorous for the industry you’re in, and appeal to folks that way. They develop interest and pass your message on to others.

Using humor is a low-cost way to make sure the image of your company sticks in the mind of others.

Learn More

Make sure your next trade show booth is a success by trying out some of these suggestions. You’ll have to tweak some to work for you, but anything that generates interest is worth a shot.

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