Did you just make the switch to the keto diet and have no idea where to start? Or maybe you’ve been doing the keto diet for awhile and are looking for ways to update your recipe book.

Don’t stress! Taking on a new diet and adjusting your lifestyle can take a little bit of TLC, but it’s far from impossible. You just need someone to guide you to the best information-hub of recipes.

And that’s why we’re here.

We’ve put together a few ideas when it comes to looking for new inspiration for your keto meals.

Let’s go!

Keeping Up With the Keto Life

So what exactly is the keto diet? Maybe someone dared you to try the keto diet or you’ve decided to take on the new year with a new diet.

Either way, you should know what you’re getting into.

‘Keto’ is short for ketogenic. This diet is comprised of eating foods high in fat (bacon, avocado, butter, etc.) and a low amount of carbs. This imbalance of foods causes the metabolism to reach a state of ketosis.

Ketosis means that the body is forced to use ketones instead of carbohydrates for energy.

This diet has been known to aid in weight loss, fight various types of cancer, and increase memory ability, among other things.

So you want these benefits and your interest has been piqued, but where do you begin when looking for delicious keto recipes?

We’ve got some ideas!

Win With Pins

If you are fond of DIY websites and discovering new and interesting recipes, Pinterest might be the best avenue for you.

Pinterest is a media platform in which people can “pin” ideas to their digital boards. If you ever made vision boards as a teenager, think of Pinterest as a digital version of your vision boards. This platform is compromised of bloggers, social influencers, and just the average person interested in creativity.

This website has an entire section dedicated to food. If you utilize the platform’s search engine and look up “keto meals” thousands of recipes from influencers will pop up automatically.

Make A Mad Dash

The website Ketodash.com is an excellent resource for the keto-diet newcomer. There are over 200 ketogenic recipes available.

This website is broken down into five categories: meals, snacks, drinks, treats, and dressings/dips.

On top of offering these recipes, ketodash.com will also give you your first macro calculations for free.

The Rule on Keto Meals

Another great digital platform to discover keto meal recipes is ruled.me. This website offers a free newsletter for keto tips and tricks. Over 362,000 people subscribe to this newsletter and use these recipes and tricks.

This is a great website to utilize when searching for more literature on the ketogenic lifestyle. It offers success stories, recipes, recommended books and more.

If you check out these sites and are still craving more keto recipes, read more here!

Making the Jump

Whenever making a lifestyle change, it’s important to do as much research as possible on the effects it’ll take on your body.

The Keto lifestyle is no different. Make sure you read up on the foods that can and can’t be consumed and above all else, clear it with your doctor before trying any new diet out.

Once you’ve done your homework and have the green light from your doctor, give it a go!

Without further ado, welcome to the world of Keto.