New windows can drastically change the entire look and feel of your home. They also provide better functionality and increase the overall value and appeal of your house if you ever want to sell.

Installing new windows can also have positive health benefits for you and your family. Custom windows provide an opportunity to let more natural light into your home, which helps your emotional well-being, especially in the winter months. In fact, living in a dark home has a negative effect on your mood.

If you’re thinking of buying new windows for your home, there are many things to consider. Aside from the type of windows you’d like to add, there’s a little preparation you need to do.

Don’t know where to start? Here’s your ultimate guide for buying custom windows.

Placement of New Windows

Before you consider what type of windows you’re installing, you must first figure out exactly where you want them. This may seem like a minor detail, but there’s a lot to consider.

The placement of a new window within the existing design of your home directly affects your options on the framing materials and the style. You also need to think about energy consumption and the amount of light you’re letting in with a new window.

Depending on where you want custom windows, a small amount of renovation may be necessary. If you’re already renovating, this is the perfect time for window installation. But if you need some minor structural changes, a contractor will need to have a look.

Consider the Material

Apart from altering the aesthetic of a room, there are considerations with regard to the functionality and durability. You need to take your time and consider your options when choosing the type of material that will anchor the window. An experienced window contractor can also advise you on this decision.

Let’s look at a few common materials used in the installation process.


This is the most common material used in window installation. Low cost along with durability make it a popular choice. Vinyl is also very reliable and helps with energy efficiency.

Vinyl is a great insulating material. It’s also quite easy to install, so contractors typically like to use it.

The complaint about vinyl is that it’s less attractive than other options. It has a synthetic look and is usually only available in white or off-white.


Historically, fiberglass isn’t a traditional material but it is quickly gaining popularity. It’s extremely durable, more so than vinyl. There’s no chance of warping or rotting.

Although you’re limited when it comes to color options, you can easily paint fiberglass. The downside is that it’s about twice the cost of vinyl.


Using wood for your custom windows means more maintenance than vinyl or fiberglass. Wood isn’t as durable and is more likely to fall victim to rotting if not maintained.

However, wood is easy to work with and looks great when painted. The biggest advantage of wood is aesthetic. It has a classic and elegant look and is great if your home has older design elements and decor.

Choose Your Style

Once you’ve chosen the framing material, it’s time for the fun part. The style you choose has the most impact on the aesthetic alteration and functionality that comes with custom windows.

There are many options out there, so make sure you do your homework. In the meantime, let’s look at several of the most popular styles.

Jalousie Windows

This style incorporates slats that open and close simultaneously. Imagine shutters made of glass. This retro style is associated with designs traditionally seen in the south.

The downside to Jalousie windows is sometimes they don’t create a hard seal when closed. This is a result of several pains closing at once. However, buying high-quality Jalousie windows from a good manufacturer ensures they’ll get the job done.

This style is better suited for mild climates.

Sliding Windows

This common style is quite functional and easy to use. Sliding windows are simple, but can add a good amount of natural light to an otherwise dreary room.

Instead of opening vertically like traditional windows, one side remains stationary and the other opens horizontally. The tracks that the window sits on provide simple and easy operation. These windows are great if you want to quickly let in some fresh air or wake up the room with sunlight.

Bay Windows

If you’re looking for a big alteration that opens up a room entirely, consider bay windows. They typically jut out and provide a huge space for sunlight to get in. If you have a room that faces a great outdoor view, a bay window is perfect.

This style drastically enhances the look and feel of a room, which means they’re more of an undertaking to install. You’ll also be spending more money, but the end result is well worth it.

Awning Windows

If you want custom windows that have a unique, retro design and also offer great ventilation, go with awning windows. These have a hinge at the top so that the bottom can swing open.

These are perfect choices for bathroom windows, as privacy glass is easy to install. The great part of awning windows is they provide useful ventilation without leaving you exposed to the elements.

Getting the Right Measurements

Unless your contractor agrees to do it for you, it’s essential that you measure the space where the new window will go. When doing so, remember that it needs to be exact.

When measuring the width, you’ll want to measure from one jamb to the other. Always measure the top, middle, and bottom and go with the smallest measurement.

Use the same process when measuring the height, and remember to go with the shortest measurement

Give Your Home a Makeover with Custom Windows

Installing new windows may seem like too much trouble. However, once the project is done, you’ll fully understand the benefits. Your home will look and feel more spacious and alive and you’ll love the convenient functionality.

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