As you may understand, it might not be an easy task to control all Frauds and Scams on the web. Given the number of times scams and frauds happen on the web, we urge our users to avoid transactions with people living outside their country of residence, thus making it possible to close transactions face to face as this is the most secure way.

Please follow these instructions closely as a way to try to avoid Fraud and Scams.

  1. Do not make avialable your personal information or bank account(including credit cards, National ID, social security, paypal account etc) to anyone.
  2. Do not make payments via companies like Western Union, Moneygram, Bidpay, or similar, neither accept cheques as mode of payment.
  3. Avoid custody services like Bidpay, Western Union, Escrow, or similar.
  4. Avoid transactions with people living abroad and try to close transactions face to face.
  5. Do not trust people saying they work for governments (outside your country), and including international lotteries.

It might be possible to avoid and to recognize Scams/Fraud if:

  1. The seller lives in a different country rather than your country of residence.
  2. If the seller’s advertisements are in a different language rather than your’s or the translation of the advertisements into your language is improper.
  3. It is possibly A Scam/Fraud if the buyer offers you more money than the real price of your product, and asks you to send him the difference.
  4. If the product to buy is too cheap as compared to it’s market price and compared to it’s real value.
  5. If the séller asks you to pay through Wetern Union, Moneygram, Bidpay, etc. and solicits your personal information including your bank details, social security details or credit card etc.
  6. If the seller writes or talks to you in a language that is different from yours.

How to react to Scams and Fraud/ Abuse.

In case of Scam and Fraud or abuse, we urge you to notify Sebule so as to block the user and delete his/her corresponding ads and at the same time we suggest you do the following:

  1. Notify SEBULE Classifieds immediatley through ourcontactpage.
  2. We also advise you to make a formal complaint to the police (either at the nearest police station or via internet whenever available then they will give you instructions on how to complete the process).
  3. Keep all the information you might have regarding the transaction (mails, dates, telephone numbers, address if you have it, names and any other information that might be of help).