Useful tips when selling at SEBULE Classifieds

When you are selling online through, you need to use precautions to protect yourself from scams and criminal activity. You also need to do everything you can to ensure that the items you are selling are correctly represented. Here are guidelines to help you sell effectively and safely through our classifieds site.

Selling Tips

Preparing the Ad

When you are creating your ad, use photographs and be as descriptive as possible so buyers know what you are offering. Make the photographs clear and show any problems or damage to the item clearly. Describe your item accurately so buyers know what they are receiving. Use a special email address for this communication, and post your cell phone rather than your home phone if a number is needed.

Contacting Buyers

When a potential buyer contacts you, respond quickly and answer their questions thoroughly. When answering questions, try to determine if you are interested in doing business with this individual. If something strikes you as suspicious, then walk away form the buyer. When talking initially, continue to limit your personal information. Do not disclose personal information until you are comfortable with the buyer.

Meeting the buyer to Make a Sale

If you have decided to proceed with the sale of your item, then you need to make arrangements to meet with the buyer. Avoid doing this in your home, but opt to meet at a neutral location, preferably in a public place. Avoid doing business with people you cannot meet in person. Often, scammers will send counterfeit checks and ask you to refund them the difference. In this scenario, the check will bounce and you will be left with the missing money and no item.

Avoid being alone when meeting with a seller. If you must meet in your home for large items, like furniture or appliances, have a trusted friend or one of your relatives someone close to you at your house at the same time. Prepare for negotiation. Haggling is common when purchasing things from classified sites. You should know the lowest or las price that you offer.Once you sell your item, remove your listing. This saves everyone time and prevents you from receiving ongoing phone calls about the item.


Insist on being paid in cash for smaller items. Personal checks and similar forms of payment are a common ploy used by scammers. Never offer your personal information, such as your bank account, to have money transferred to you. This is never safe. Demand payment in full before surrendering the item. Do not accept over-payment with a refund unless you are simply providing change for a cash payment. If you are selling something large, like a vehicle or piece of furniture, where cash is not practical, then arrange to go to the bank with the buyer to have the check made out in your presence. Offer your buyer a receipt or a private contract. On the receipt or the contract, outline the amount, the condition of the item, and any agreements you made. Have both you and the buyer sign the receipt or contract and keep a copy. This protects you if there is any problem in the future otherwise for small items you can just make a normal receipt.

NB:Never force yourself to sell an item if you begin to feel uncomfortable, just walk away. It is far too easy for someone to take advantage of you through classifieds, and you need to trust your instincts to avoid this happening. Keep safety as your number one priority throughout this process, and you can successfully buy and sell online through